Friday, July 10, 2009

Makes You Wonder What He Was Doing Here

For Oklahoma, this is an unusual stone because it resembles those found more commonly in the eastern states. Besides that, it has survived a long time except for having been broken by a mower in recent years. The man that owns the property told me he had accidentally hit it while brush hogging the area.

Mr. James McDennil died in 1850 in what is called the Three Forks area of northeastern Oklahoma in what is now Wagoner County, just west of the small town of Okay. The little cemetery is called Keys for the family that owned the land although no Keys gravestones exist here, if they ever did.

Why was Mr. McDennil in such an unpopulated place in 1850? Did he live here or was he just passing through? Where did he come from? Why did he die? My curiosity has yet to be satisfied.

February 25, 2012. Some family information can be found on Find-A-Grave under "McDennil" Cemetery, Wagoner County Oklahoma.  I won't post it here because I don't copy what others have written.  Here's the link though:


  1. Suzy, A quick check of the databases submitted on RootsWeb's WorldConnect
    same as Ancestry), shows a James McDaniel, born about 1790, who died 7 Nov 1850 in Okay, Wagoner Co., Indian Territory.

    Hoyt Couch appears to have the most complete info available:

    Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

  2. Interesting thing is he didn't only die here, but someone managed to get that headstone there. That's pretty amazing. Love you blog by the way.